My Friday Social Media Checklist Friday, Mar 4 2011 

Sometimes it’s helpful to know what someone else is doing to promote their business via social media marketing in order to get ideas and spark creative flow for yourself, so here’s a quick run-down of what I accomplished this week…

  • Put up two blog posts per day on Social Media Salon and three this week on Pennies for a Rainy Day
  • Added several new links to Social Media Salon’s blogroll
  • Joined Post Rank and Blog Catalog
  • Joined My Blog Spark
  • Joined Quora (finally)
  • Joined word of mouth marketing sites Vocal Point, She Speaks, and Buzz Paradise
  • Joined Who’s Blogging What, Social Media Examiner, Gold Lasso, and Biz Report’s e-newsletters
  • Watched Hubspot webinar, Website Redesign Strategy

So much of getting things done in social media is about keeping informed, researching, and joining.

Hope all of you had a productive week in social media.

Have a great weekend!

3 Free Social Media Tutorials From Hubspot Wednesday, Mar 2 2011 

To continue Social Media Salon’s ongoing search for quality free online social media/internet marketing courses, here are a few more…

1.) Hubspot Website Redesign Kit

You’ll be asked to enter some basic information about your company and then you’ll be asked what your greatest marketing challenge is, following that, you’ll be given links for the video webinar, Website Redesign Strategy, and the ebook/whitepaper, Doing a Website Redesign for Marketing Results.

  • Doing a Website Redesign for Marketing Results Ebook

The 8-page ebook didn’t prove incredibly enlightening for me and really serves as just a written form of the video’s intro, but there may be something in there for you; I think these free ebooks are always worth a read, no matter what.

  • Website Redesign Strategy Webinar

Some basic topics covered in the webinar: outbound vs. inbound marketing, how to determine if you need a website redesign, the importance of landing pages, the value of metrics, protecting things such as inbound links, content during a redesign, and more.

2.) Hubspot Webinar: How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing Tutorial

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video tutorial.

3.) Hubspot Ebook: Facebook Page Marketing

Just fill out the form on the left and then download your free ebook. This 34-page book covers the new Facebook updates and how to make them productive for your business.

Hubspot’s Other Free Online Tutorials

Hubspot has tons of free tutorials available so be sure to check out their blog regularly for the latest free tips and tricks.

And if you missed yesterday’s post 3 Free Online Courses for Blog Success, check it out before you leave the Salon.