FadMashion: Bringing Designer, Retailer, and Consumer Together Monday, May 3 2010 


I just joined FadMashion, a brand new fashion site comprised of industry pros and enthusiasts alike, and I must encourage all fashion lovers to do the same. 

I came across FadMashion as I do most of my hidden gems; it was the product of an intensive online search for new fashion sites and news.

When I realized that FadMashion was taking the industry’s recent marketing shift one step further, I knew I had to be part of this burgeoning site.

The fashion market has seen a drastic shift in the last two years or so. Where once the industry was content to view the consumer as a nameless / faceless point on a market research or product analysis grid, now fashion design houses and retailers are seeking to build a close personal relationship with consumers.  The easiest way to build that relationship is online. Several sites right now are incorporating this new interactive /social approach to fashion, sites like: couturious, polyvore, weardrobe, etc.; but FadMashion is making it possible in one fell swoop and on a whole other level.

As I stated before, the site is very new, so you will encounter some glitches (i.e. text boxes appearing over top images, some images not displaying at all, and very slow page loads), but as this site develops, I think it will become a top resource for industry pros and consumers alike.

What does FadMashion Offer?

Upon initially joining the site you’ll be given the option to join as a Fashion Enthusiast (i.e. consumer) or a Designer, Retailer, or Media pro. Once you choose your category, you’ll then fill out a short application, and then you’re registered. After completing your profile, you can begin taking advantage of the site’s opportunities.

  • Networking:

Your network will consist of the pool of users registered on the site. FadMashion is not a Facebook or Twitter type site, you won’t be able to search and pool all your other contacts on various email accounts or social networking sites to get your FadMashion network rolling. That feature may be added as the site grows, but for now, it isn’t currently an available option.

So, how do you build your FadMashion network then?

You will have the opportunity to search industry pro profiles and view their collections or products. You can then rate products and contact the designers directly via FadMashion site email. This is a wonderful opportunity for the fashion world; finally designers, retailers, and consumers can be directly connected.

  • Reviews:

FadMashion gives users the chance to review site registered designer and retailer products, voting based on the common five-star system. Once a product has been voted on, the user then has the option to submit a short written review of the product. All products listed on the site are available for review.

This is a great way for site users to see some products that might not typically be available at the local mall or boutique since most of the designers registered on FadMashion are emerging designers.

For fashion enthusiasts, the Review section of the site will be  most appealing. FadMashion reviews give consumers a chance to be involved in the process and view products first. Of course there is the additional bonus of giveaways as well – FadMashion periodically gives away product items to fashion enthusiasts who submit  the most product ratings. Since this site is new, I would encourage all fashion lovers to sign up now and rack up review votes to get a jump on users who register later.

For more info on FadMashion, please visit their homepage

FadMashion Homepage | FADMASHION.

All images featured in this article are courtesy of FadMashion and appear on the website’s homepage.

My Newest Blog Find: Artist Laura Godfrey, LJG Art & Illustration Friday, Apr 30 2010 

I have made a discovery tonight! While playing around on the internet, I spotted a fantastic new artist, Laura Godfrey. I came upon her somehow or other on Facebook, checked out her FB group, LJG Art&Illustration, and was pleasantly surprised.

How can I put this best… I love art, but for some reason, me and modern art just don’t tend to mix. Whether it’s YouTube art or a local exhibit, modern art for the most part tends to play up the ugly and grotesque a little too much for my taste. If I have to attend another gallery opening featuring a real dead bird in a bird’s nest or a painting of a sickly looking woman with blood dripping off her limbs, or art made from trash, I think I’ll snap and hold someone hostage. Kidding, but you get the idea. 

Godfrey’s art, on the contrary, offers a return to traditional aesthetics of beauty, with a modern fashion-inspired slant. 

The above image is one of Godfrey’s acrylic paintings, done on stretched canvas, and currently on sale on her blog.

Godfrey is a bona-fide entrepreneur and woman on the move; her Facebook page advertises several sites, one of which is the Love Art&Illustration (LJG) blog, a new favorite of mine. Check out her blog LJG Art&Illustration and her Facebook Fan Page to learn more about this up-and-coming new artist. And give her some love if you like what you see because she’s trying to build up the FB page.

Godfrey specializes in:


Greeting Cards

Wedding Invitations


and more.