Social Media Salon is a social media 411 or clearinghouse of sorts, of links to all the best entrepreneurs and freelancers to follow, digg, favorite, or subscribe to on the most trafficked social media networking sites. This site is intended to help freelancers and those with an entrepreneurial spirit gain quick and easy access to a stong online social media network and  have fun building personal and professional contacts that could not have been made otherwise.

Have you had these problems:

  • You have a person’s real name but not their Twitter username.
  • You have someone who you’ve friended on Facebook but don’t know what other social media sites they are registered on.
  • You found someone in your industry or just someone who speaks to you on some level and you want to know who he/she knows or is following but don’t have time to search through 3,000 friends to find the ones you want.

If the problems above sound familiar, then grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and have fun getting to know some of the higher ranking entrepreneurial professionals online, without the aggravating hours of searching.

Keep in mind that various different social media and internet sources were used to collect this list of top internet professionals, and as such, I have made sure to only include those with a large following. There are no Twitter users with followings under 1,000, the average range is between 2,000 and 30,000 following, and all other social media outlets were subjected to the same scrutiny.

Please check out the links and popular social media users here, and if you have suggestions on some that should be included, please drop me a line.


Alexandra Nicole

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