Irwin the Kangaroo Monday, Apr 18 2011 

Hoping for a Good Outcome for Irwin the Kangaroo Monday, Apr 18 2011 

Newspapers across the US have been touched by the 1 year old disabled Red Kangaroo, Irwin. Irwin broke his neck while at an animal rescue facility and became paralyzed. Caretaker, Christie Carr, found a new lease on life when she met Irwin and the two have not only found friendship in each other but have also given back to the Broken Arrow community. The Broken Arrow City Council will meet tomorrow, April 19, 2011 to decide whether Irwin should be considered a public safety risk should he regain mobility; this would mean that Irwin and Christie would be separated.

I sincerely hope the city council will do the right thing and recognize that Irwin is a service animal and that if he does not continue to get the physical therapy and care that Christie Carr is currently providing, he may not make it.

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