Well if you weren’t quite sure if social media had officially changed the course of communication, we now have a $100,000 a year salaried job entitled TJ, otherwise known as Twitter Jockey.

Essentially this TJ will provide all the things that MTV’s tv station and website currently provide (exclusives, news, etc) but with primary focus on music and rather than reality TV shows. There will be more up to the minute updates and actual one-on-one dialogue with fans/viewers/listeners. Yep, we can now expect to see over-paid early 20 somethings tweeting about music news.

I think this is actually a great idea and would love to see some other stations try it. It is quite clear that Social Media Executive jobs in general, whether a TJ or PR/marketing director, are quite viable career options now.

Please see the full article detailing the MTV TJ story, here