Get to Know the People in Your Emails with Gist Gadget Monday, Jun 21 2010 

Sometimes getting an email can feel like reading the guest list for a party; half the names on there are ones you don’t know, never mind establishing whether or not each one is relevant to that one particular email. I’ve often thought it would be nice to know a little bit about the people whose names appear on my email, especially when it comes to job related emails.

In my daily Mashable reading I found that there is indeed a way to do that now. According to Howard Greenstein’s June 21st article for Mashable, Gist “tries to tie your social graph from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail together, and rank the people you communicate with the most.”

Hmm, interesting. 

Following reading Greenstein’s article, I hopped over to the Gist site to check it out. Gist is sort of like the technical app version of the most loud mouthed gossip-y person in a social circle. We’ve all met that woman who knows everything about anyone in a given town or city: place of work, romantic affiliations, and latest business ventures; thankfully that’s no longer needed, Gist does all of this research for you (minus the romantic affiliation question, of course). This handy little app researches anyone listed in your email “From” or “CC” fields and gives you all the pertinent information on them: business news, contact listings, etc. And all information generated by Gist is kept strictly between the Gist user and the email contact being researched.

Gist is offering this gadget for free right now but plans to begin charging for the application by the 4th quarter of the year.

Gist is compatible with the following programs:


Lotus Notes


To learn more about Gist, visit their website.


All information obtained from Howard Greenstein’s June 21, 2010 Mashable article, entitled, “Why Feedback and Filters are Necessary in Social Media.”


The Gist site.

MTV Prepares to Hire 1st Twitter Jockey Thursday, Jun 17 2010 

Well if you weren’t quite sure if social media had officially changed the course of communication, we now have a $100,000 a year salaried job entitled TJ, otherwise known as Twitter Jockey.

Essentially this TJ will provide all the things that MTV’s tv station and website currently provide (exclusives, news, etc) but with primary focus on music and rather than reality TV shows. There will be more up to the minute updates and actual one-on-one dialogue with fans/viewers/listeners. Yep, we can now expect to see over-paid early 20 somethings tweeting about music news.

I think this is actually a great idea and would love to see some other stations try it. It is quite clear that Social Media Executive jobs in general, whether a TJ or PR/marketing director, are quite viable career options now.

Please see the full article detailing the MTV TJ story, here