I have made a discovery tonight! While playing around on the internet, I spotted a fantastic new artist, Laura Godfrey. I came upon her somehow or other on Facebook, checked out her FB group, LJG Art&Illustration, and was pleasantly surprised.

How can I put this best… I love art, but for some reason, me and modern art just don’t tend to mix. Whether it’s YouTube art or a local exhibit, modern art for the most part tends to play up the ugly and grotesque a little too much for my taste. If I have to attend another gallery opening featuring a real dead bird in a bird’s nest or a painting of a sickly looking woman with blood dripping off her limbs, or art made from trash, I think I’ll snap and hold someone hostage. Kidding, but you get the idea. 

Godfrey’s art, on the contrary, offers a return to traditional aesthetics of beauty, with a modern fashion-inspired slant. 

The above image is one of Godfrey’s acrylic paintings, done on stretched canvas, and currently on sale on her blog.

Godfrey is a bona-fide entrepreneur and woman on the move; her Facebook page advertises several sites, one of which is the Love Art&Illustration (LJG) blog, a new favorite of mine. Check out her blog LJG Art&Illustration and her Facebook Fan Page to learn more about this up-and-coming new artist. And give her some love if you like what you see because she’s trying to build up the FB page.

Godfrey specializes in:


Greeting Cards

Wedding Invitations


and more.