My Newest Blog Find: Artist Laura Godfrey, LJG Art & Illustration Friday, Apr 30 2010 

I have made a discovery tonight! While playing around on the internet, I spotted a fantastic new artist, Laura Godfrey. I came upon her somehow or other on Facebook, checked out her FB group, LJG Art&Illustration, and was pleasantly surprised.

How can I put this best… I love art, but for some reason, me and modern art just don’t tend to mix. Whether it’s YouTube art or a local exhibit, modern art for the most part tends to play up the ugly and grotesque a little too much for my taste. If I have to attend another gallery opening featuring a real dead bird in a bird’s nest or a painting of a sickly looking woman with blood dripping off her limbs, or art made from trash, I think I’ll snap and hold someone hostage. Kidding, but you get the idea. 

Godfrey’s art, on the contrary, offers a return to traditional aesthetics of beauty, with a modern fashion-inspired slant. 

The above image is one of Godfrey’s acrylic paintings, done on stretched canvas, and currently on sale on her blog.

Godfrey is a bona-fide entrepreneur and woman on the move; her Facebook page advertises several sites, one of which is the Love Art&Illustration (LJG) blog, a new favorite of mine. Check out her blog LJG Art&Illustration and her Facebook Fan Page to learn more about this up-and-coming new artist. And give her some love if you like what you see because she’s trying to build up the FB page.

Godfrey specializes in:


Greeting Cards

Wedding Invitations


and more.

Launch of “Industrie” Magazine: Featuring Anna Wintour on Cover Thursday, Apr 29 2010 

Fashion industry queen, Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine, and star of the documentary film, The September Issue, graces the cover of Industrie Magazine’s launch issue.

It seems that Wintour must be doing some image re-modeling as social media and interactive consumer building strategies have overtaken the once ad-heavy fashion industry. This will mark the second attempt, following her role in The September Issue, to identify herself with her consumer base, at least to a marginal degree.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Wintour hater, just noticing the marked shift in her public image, that’s all.

Time will tell if putting Wintour on the premier issue will help or harm the launch of Industrie, a magazine which purports itself to be “The world’s first culture of fashion magazine.”

Though I still have a soft spot in my heart for Vogue, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t merely the final death rattle of the print world in its last-ditch attempt to oust fashion bloggers from the top spot.

Specific information regarding this story obtained from Editor Rebecca Alexander’s April 28, 2010 blog post on Fashion Indie .

Gowalla vs. Foursquare Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

Foursquare or Gowalla?

I just officially registered on Gowalla, a site that Mashable has listed as one of the up-and-coming social media sites to know.  For Mashable’s run-down on the pros and cons of both Gowalla and Foursquare, check out this article.

Gowalla is much like Twitter because it is primarily used via mobile device; the only difference is that Gowalla is centered on travel, rather than conversation.  

A destination that a user travels to, or frequents, and then logs into the system, is termed by Gowalla as a “check-in.” These “check-ins” enable friends and strangers alike to get to know each other, in a manner of speaking, by “checking-in” at chosen favored destinations around the world. Though you can enter these “check-ins” or new “spots” via the web, the site has better accuracy when spots are entered via mobile device because the program works off of what Gowalla terms “elastic GPS.” This is essentially (for non-techies like me) just a really accurate way of pinpointing your location.

Gowalla’s basic framework is not very different from the competing and also up-and-coming site, Foursquare, which offers all of the same components, but with one big drawback — Foursquare does not provide discounts (at least not yet) to favored user destinations as Gowalla does.

Both Foursquare and Gowalla have been chosen future site up-and-comers by the social media and fashion communities, and both sites are easily compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and most mobile phones; but the market clincher just may be the discounts offered by Gowalla. Though, Gowalla does have some usability issues in the design and tracking departments that could create problems for them. While Foursquare can easily add a discount feature, redesigning the layout and tracking functions for Gowalla would prove a much more intensive undertaking.

Though neither is widely known enough yet to have all the kinks worked out or the bolstering of a solid social network to take the online and mobile communities by storm right here and now, they will both probably become household terms over the next two years or so.

And I have to say, as much of a pain as it is learning a new site that is still in-progress, and without the benefit of a high-end mobile phone (I’m a Virgin Mobile user, sadly many apps are not available to us), I think the discounts will be well worth the effort in the long-run.

The added beauty of Gowalla is that it combines the conversational / interactive aspect of social media along with the thrill of travel and scavenger hunting. Yes, I did say scavenger hunting. To my mind, Gowalla is somewhat similar to one of my favorite kill time sites,, which facilitates both mobile and live-action scavengers; the only difference is that on Gowalla you’re scavenging for destinations, rather than prizes.

I must state that I don’t as of yet have a personal preference between the two sites. I am registered on both, and prefer the layout and functionality of Foursquare, but like the discount options on Gowalla. Hmm…I guess I’ll just have to remain registered and active on both until one wins out and grabs my full attention.

But for the moment, I’ve found two sites that allow me to travel to interesting spots, log them, and get inside tips from other travel loggers, while possibly acquiring discounts, and making friends along the way, I say Foursquare…Gowalla!

Found Some Gems This Week Sunday, Apr 25 2010 

When this blog idea first came into my life, things were much less chaotic. Now, one car accident, one dead computer, and one apartment move away, here I am, still working away at the links for the Salon. Hold tight folks because I have found some gems this week and they will all be up soon.  

Look for my coming posts on Wikifashion, Foursquare, and Mashable.

In the meantime, check out some of the new links in the Fashion and PR categories.