The freelance writer’s life is never easy! All of you writers, entrepreneurs, and business owners out there, I’m sure, feel my pain.

It seems that such a small part of my day is spent writing, the larger part is alloted to marketing, networking, and research.

And that’s what brings me here. I’ve spent years in the freelance writing field, networking online with the goal of expanding my personal and professional contacts in hopes that it would not only help me to meet some pretty cool people, but also further my professional endeavors and increase the money I make from writing.

Doing the social media gig daily for so many years, I’m surprised it never occurred to me to collect all the most valuable online social media contacts I’ve come across and offer them up to you complete with screen names and professional links, so that you too can further your own network. Alas, good ideas often take a while to emerge. So now here I am, and there you are.

As you research these high ranking social media professionals you’ll find that they are all entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the like – a particular breed who know that life is what you make it and is largely determined by who you know and how you capitalize on those valuable connections.

I hope that you’ll have a blast checking out these links, meeting and getting to know these accomplished business professionals, and who knows maybe you’ll even make a few good friends along the way.