About.Me: Virtual Calling Card Thursday, Jul 7 2011 

I guess we’ve all known for some time that paper resumes were probably going to go the way of the newspaper and paper book but I never imagined I would kind of enjoy the virtual resume/calling card idea. I have to say when it comes to things like that, I’m typically a purist, but where a resume is concerned I prefer a short sweet micro-blog style sell; if you don’t want me based on three of the most relevant bullet points or short sentences I can articulate about myself, then we are not a good professional fit.

I just joined the Buzz Agent About.Me campaign and have created my page and am excited to see how the page and the complementary business cards (which Buzz Agent is supplying to campaign participants) will go over with professional contacts. Here’s a quick peak at a few About.Me pages in the directory.

I wonder if this method will eventually eliminate the use of paper resumes altogether. What do you think?


***This Buzz Agent Campaign requires participants to try out About.Me and then post about it via social media, email, as well as word-of-mouth in order to get the word out about this new site. In exchange for this guerilla marketing effort, Buzz Agent offers participants free business cards from MOO.

Irwin the Kangaroo Monday, Apr 18 2011 

Hoping for a Good Outcome for Irwin the Kangaroo Monday, Apr 18 2011 

Newspapers across the US have been touched by the 1 year old disabled Red Kangaroo, Irwin. Irwin broke his neck while at an animal rescue facility and became paralyzed. Caretaker, Christie Carr, found a new lease on life when she met Irwin and the two have not only found friendship in each other but have also given back to the Broken Arrow community. The Broken Arrow City Council will meet tomorrow, April 19, 2011 to decide whether Irwin should be considered a public safety risk should he regain mobility; this would mean that Irwin and Christie would be separated.

I sincerely hope the city council will do the right thing and recognize that Irwin is a service animal and that if he does not continue to get the physical therapy and care that Christie Carr is currently providing, he may not make it.

Read Irwin’s full story, here.

I Don’t Recall Signing On For Acrobatics: Balancing Full-Time and Freelance Wednesday, Mar 9 2011 

The first two days of this week have taught me that I need to prioritize, get uber-efficient, and decide what really matters and what can be trimmed away from the ever-increasing work load. I’m not one to say no to a job so I currently have one full-time job (which I just went back to this past Monday), a freelance fashion catalog copywriting job, a guide writing job on Shopping.com, a featured contributor job on Yahoo!, and a bi-monthly guest blogging position on How To Be A Redhead. Can anyone say overload?

I realized that I was in dire need of an efficiency makeover of sorts when I got an email saying that I would need to attend a fit meeting for my catalog writing job before I had accrued enough vacation time from my new full-time job. Yikes. By my clock I thought I had at least two months until the next meeting…not so.

I’m sure all of you freelancers and business owners out there have been here before, or perhaps you’re in this position right now, so I have collected a couple helpful articles which have helped me begin the process of slowly working my way through the incredible balancing act of working a steady full-time job while freelancing.

Good Reads:

How to Balance Freelancing With a Full-Time Job Without Burning Out

Some Quick Tips for Balancing a Full-Time Job While Building Your Freelance Writing Business

Productive Flourishing

This last one is a blog site with tons of vital information on how to keep your day as productive as possible.

My Friday Social Media Checklist Friday, Mar 4 2011 

Sometimes it’s helpful to know what someone else is doing to promote their business via social media marketing in order to get ideas and spark creative flow for yourself, so here’s a quick run-down of what I accomplished this week…

  • Put up two blog posts per day on Social Media Salon and three this week on Pennies for a Rainy Day
  • Added several new links to Social Media Salon’s blogroll
  • Joined Post Rank and Blog Catalog
  • Joined My Blog Spark
  • Joined Quora (finally)
  • Joined word of mouth marketing sites Vocal Point, She Speaks, and Buzz Paradise
  • Joined Who’s Blogging What, Social Media Examiner, Gold Lasso, and Biz Report’s e-newsletters
  • Watched Hubspot webinar, Website Redesign Strategy

So much of getting things done in social media is about keeping informed, researching, and joining.

Hope all of you had a productive week in social media.

Have a great weekend!

Trendstop Offers Customers New iPad Galleries Friday, Mar 4 2011 

Yesterday’s Trendstop newsletter announced that they will now offer backstage and graduate galleries. These are premium in-app downloads which can be purchased from the free iPad Trend Tracker app and can be downloaded right from Apple’s app store.

Though I haven’t downloaded the mobile apps yet, I am an e-newsletter subscriber and fan of Trendstop. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Trendstop is a leading fashion trending resource invaluable to companies, writers, and fashion stylists alike, offering insider info. on colors, fabrics, prints, and more, and well over a year in advance no less. If I do finally download the app I’ll be sure to post and let you know how it works.

As the fashion industry has slowly gone digital Trendstop has seemed a little less reluctant than some to jump into the digital world with both feet and this new app should prove to make many clients happy.

If you’re interested in trying this new app feature, go to http://m.trendstop.com in your phone’s browser, or download it from the Apple iTunes Store, or Android Market.

Disclaimer: All specific information about the Trend Tracker app and where it can be downloaded was obtained from Trendstop’s March 3, 2011 e-newsletter

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Step Back if You Have a Game Plan Thursday, Mar 3 2011 

Sometimes the process of becoming an entrepreneur or small start-up business owner can be tricky, it doesn’t always go according to plan. You may have taken a high-paying (or even low-paying) job that you thought would help you rise in your chosen industry only to find that the job just isn’t working and you want out, for any number of reasons. Or, you may have quit your day job to make your freelance business owner dreams come true only to discover it’s gonna take a little longer to achieve that dream and become financially secure.

Whichever side you fall on, as long as you have a game plan or long-term strategy, taking what seems to others to be a step back is okay, actually it’s a step forward. Don’t be afraid to go back to your old job if you need a little more time to make the dream come true and don’t feel guilty if you have to leave a high-level job and take a part-time bartending job to make ends meet while building the new business. It’s all part of the big plan you have for your business and sometimes small sacrifices have to be made along the way.

Here’s the inspiring story I read this morning on Tim Ferriss’ lifestyle blog, Four Hour Work Week, which prompted this post.

I found Ferriss’ post particularly inspiring because, I myself, am returning to my old day-job on Monday in order to supplement my income because while I have landed a dream freelance job writing fashion catalog copy, it’s a job that only comes up four times a year and doesn’t pay quite enough to live on. As of Monday I will be a two+ job person, but it’s all part of the process and the long-term goal.

4 Successful Word of Mouth Marketing Sites You’ll Want To Know Thursday, Mar 3 2011 

Since I did a post yesterday about the popular word of mouth marketing (WOM) site, BzzAgent, I thought it might be good to provide a list of some of the top online WOM sites.

Vocal Point

Vocal Point is the consumer/blogger side of Tremor which is mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Consumers/bloggers can sign-up to test and keep products for free in exchange for buzz (i.e. blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.).

She Speaks

As the name would suggest, She Speaks, focuses solely on women in marketing. She Speaks covers: broad scale sampling, branded communities, word of mouth, insight reports, research, and brand advisory community.

Click the company page and then the contact us link to submit a company inquiry.

Consumers/bloggers can also sign-up to test and keep products for free in exchange for buzz (i.e. blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.).

Buzz Paradise

Companies should click the contact us page for more information, consumers/bloggers can simply join Buzz Paradise via the join now link.

Consumers/bloggers will be able to test and keep products for free in exchange for buzz (i.e. blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.).

Incidently, this site has a good alternative marketing blog through one of their other services, Vanksen Culture-buzz.


According to the website, Tremor offers ” intensive consumer research, message development, and campaign execution”.

Click the Contact Us page to submit a company inquiry to do business with Tremor.

BzzAgent Takes Word of Mouth Marketing to the Next Level Wednesday, Mar 2 2011 

Brands like Covergirl, Stouffers, Maybelline, the New Museum of Fine Arts, StyleFind, and more have made use of BzzAgent’s successful word of mouth (WOM) marketing campaigns which rely solely on social media buzz and good old fashioned conversation. You can check out my post about my current work with the BzzAgent Covergirl Lip Perfection Campaign for specifics on how some of the campaigns work.

BzzAgent Clout and Benefits

The site essentially gives users the chance to build clout by performing simple activities like polls, surveys, and BzzScapes (i.e. reviews) in order to earn honeycombs to gain more and more benefits. One benefit includes the ability to earn MyPoints points through simple tasks which can be redeemed for rewards on the MyPoints site (if you aren’t familiar with MyPoints just think of Swagbucks), but the most coveted benefits are early invites into campaigns and increased clout level which can lead to more gifts (which I’ll explain in a minute).

A level one, solitary bee, has the chance to join campaigns when they are open to everyone and as the solitary bee earns honeycombs he/she can eventually get to the social bee status, earning golden keys along the way. Each level increase and golden key affords earlier campaign invites and/or access to new portions of the program .

So, what makes users and brands want to use BzzAgent?

Simple, brands get the killer exposure they want, likely at a fraction of the cost of their typical marketing strategies, and users get free products to try and keep, not to mention of-the-moment information on products that are not widely available to the public yet.

BzzAgent Campaigns

As part of a campaign, a user will buzz-up a product on Facebook or Twitter, publish reviews of the product, post before and after pictures (if it applies), and more, depending on the campaign. Check out a review I posted for my current BzzAgent campaign for StyleFind, here, to get a good idea of the type of buzz an agent creates.

Bzz If…

You like being on the cusp of new products and talking about them via social media.

You are looking to get a wide audience for your product using inbound marketing.

3 Free Social Media Tutorials From Hubspot Wednesday, Mar 2 2011 

To continue Social Media Salon’s ongoing search for quality free online social media/internet marketing courses, here are a few more…

1.) Hubspot Website Redesign Kit

You’ll be asked to enter some basic information about your company and then you’ll be asked what your greatest marketing challenge is, following that, you’ll be given links for the video webinar, Website Redesign Strategy, and the ebook/whitepaper, Doing a Website Redesign for Marketing Results.

  • Doing a Website Redesign for Marketing Results Ebook

The 8-page ebook didn’t prove incredibly enlightening for me and really serves as just a written form of the video’s intro, but there may be something in there for you; I think these free ebooks are always worth a read, no matter what.

  • Website Redesign Strategy Webinar

Some basic topics covered in the webinar: outbound vs. inbound marketing, how to determine if you need a website redesign, the importance of landing pages, the value of metrics, protecting things such as inbound links, content during a redesign, and more.

2.) Hubspot Webinar: How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing Tutorial

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video tutorial.

3.) Hubspot Ebook: Facebook Page Marketing

Just fill out the form on the left and then download your free ebook. This 34-page book covers the new Facebook updates and how to make them productive for your business.

Hubspot’s Other Free Online Tutorials

Hubspot has tons of free tutorials available so be sure to check out their blog regularly for the latest free tips and tricks.

And if you missed yesterday’s post 3 Free Online Courses for Blog Success, check it out before you leave the Salon.

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